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Prayer Goes Up & Prayer Comes Down

Dear Friend,

Sending you a big hug and cheering you onward to burn bright for Jesus!

Prayer is the plug that connects to God’s power. Years ago I got a revelation at the pulpit while teaching on prayer, “Prayer is simple. It goes like this, ‘Prayer goes up and power comes down. That’s it.’ ”

Right now there are a lot of situations in dire need of God’s power. And for you, this is a call to prayer! It’s your privilege and your duty.

As you might know, today is our last day to focus prayer on Japan. We’ve packaged the May-Day-4-Japan prayers into a pdf download FOR YOU. Would you take this prayer tool and would you be a prayer mobilizer for Japan? You can send it to your friends, your church, your women’s/men’s groups etc. This is YOUR TOOL, so, tag you’re it!

*Download MayDay4Japan*

Please also be releasing God’s mercy over Joplin, MO in the wake of their tornado devastation (and Arkansas’ as well) and the other regions of potential tornado outbreaks (including Kansas City, Dallas, Topeka and Wichita, as well as Oklahoma City and Tulsa, Oklahoma.) Your prayers will and do make a difference.

“O You who hear prayer, to You all men will come.” Psalm 65:2

With you, before Him!
Kathleen Dillard

If God is urging you to give a financial gift for Japan’s recovery, we recommend:


 have prayed.

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