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Post Trauma Prayer

A few nights ago I got an emergency request from dear friends whose son served in the military in Afghanistan. During his service, he was in an explosion incident with an IED (improvised explosive device) and was carrying signs of both physical and emotional trauma. As he tried to reintegrate into his life in America, he became suddenly suicidal.

Many people rushed forward in prayer and practical help and got him admitted to a VA hospital where he is recovering now. But it was a close call. The news of “Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder” or PTSD has earned a place in the front seat of many of our lives as thousands of young men and women return from the battlefields of Afghanistan and Iraq.

Would you take a minute now and lift your voice in prayer for them?

Your prayers make a difference every time!

If you are not a part of the Afghanistan prayer patrol and would like to continue to lift your voice, you can join us at:

God bless YOU as you seek Him~

Kathleen Dillard

P.S. Have you noticed that we’ve updated the audio player on our WOW audio Word of the Week? The new player now features a “download” feature so that you can now save your favorite prayers onto your computer and upload them to your iPod or iPhone. Check out this week’s word Favor-Finance-Fame, You Use it for His Name.

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