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NEW book, full of fire, get it!

Sending you a big hug from Delhi. It’s been great to hear from you in the comment section. And some of you are even encouraging each other. Fantastic! Let’s keep it up.

Just before catching the flight to India, I got a copy of the new biography of famed revivalist Leonard Ravenhill.

Leonard’s impact on our lives is part of the reason you have Prayercentral. Last year, Wayne and I were both interviewed by the author, Mack Tomlinson, about our early days with Leonard Ravenhill. Leonard was a spiritual grandfather to Last Days Ministries, where we got our start in ministry.

Ravenhill trained for Christian ministry in-light-of-eternityunder the saintly influences of Samuel Chadwick. His ministry drew traffic-jamming crowds in the British Isles during the 1930’s and 1940’s. Along with D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones and J. Edwin Orr, Ravenhill was one of the few specialists in the 20th century on revival and spiritual awakening.

This book will pour fresh fire on your walk with God. And if you’re already fired up, then it will add fuel to your flame. I highly recommend it. (More info can be found by clicking on the image, or going to the website of Free Grace Press.)

In closing, here are a few of Leonard Ravenhill’s powerful quotes for you:

“We do not learn something by committing it to memory. We learn solely through experience.”

“Think twice before you speak; think three times and you may not speak at all.”

“Truth fears no exposure.”

Blessings to you from India,
Kathleen Dillard

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