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Magnify Him!

I hope you had a great weekend! As you know, we’re praying for Japan through May. Last week I met with prayer leaders who had just flown in from Japan and one of them has written her firsthand account for you. You will find that below – be sure to pray too!

This morning this verse flew into my mind as soon as I woke up, “…Let those who love Thy salvation say continually, ‘Let God be magnified.'” Psalm 70. In other words, lift up God. Bring Him to the center, to the forefront, in midst of the pressure, YOU lift Him up. He’s your compass, your flashlight and your very present help in times of trouble. You & I will have many opportunities to magnify the Lord this week. Let’s be intentional!

Sending you blessings!
May God be magnified in amazing ways through your life.
Kathleen Dillard

Firsthand Report from Japan:

I arrived into Japan on April 4th about 3 ½ weeks after the giant earthquake and tsunami hit on March 11th. I flew to Tokyo and made plans to go to the northern part of the disaster zone to give aid. Because the train tracks had been destroyed in many places along the east coast, what would have normally been a 4 hour train ride took 13 hours as we had to travel to the west coast, then north and finally around to a city called Tono, about an hour from the coast. I traveled with a team to Otsuchi on my first work day to help a family dig out of their house that would later be destroyed. I began to see the damage done by the huge wave. This area wasn’t really terribly affected by the earthquake, but was decimated by the tsunami. In the days that followed we drove around and the damage was mind boggling. I spent one year in Aceh, Indonesia after the Indian Ocean tsunami, which took at least 200,000 lives. The damage in Japan was just as terrible as I had seen in Aceh. What kind of power can lift a huge ship up and over buildings and drop it in the city? What kind of wave can leave debris at the top of the fourth floor in a building that strangely survived? Thousands of people are still in shelters as Japan rushes to try to construct temporary housing. And as these people are trying to recover, the earth keeps shaking! I experienced a 7.4 magnitude aftershock that rocked me to the bones. Every time the earth shakes, fear is magnified. Please pray for the people of Japan to realize their deepest desperation is for a Saviour!!!! -B.B.



Let B.B’s story and these photos move your heart into a place of prayer.


 have prayed.

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