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Let’s Cover One Another!

Blessings of strength, peace and wisdom be upon you. I hope you are doing well.

I wanted you to know that my friends in India were praying as the recent earthquakes and Irene hit America. I’m so grateful for the body of Christ that extends across the world because of His sacrifice and the bloodline that binds us as one.

You might be interested to know about a new Bible version called, “SourceView…Experiencing the Drama of God’s Story.”

Mark Anderson, the president of Call2All, says, “God’s Word is spreading like a wildfire across the earth and the SourceView Bible has come at the perfect time to offer us a captivating new look at the scriptures. It makes truth come alive!”

Thank you again for all of your prayers last week in the comment section! They are inspiring. Below is this week’s prayer to “Remember Iraq.” We’ve also thrown in a brief description of Iraq’s history to help you connect a little more.

“O You Who hear prayer, to You all men will come.” Psalm 65:2

With you, before Him!
Kathleen Dillard

Iraq’s History
by David Brown

Iraq is a biblical land from the very beginning in the garden, in Genesis. Abraham was born in Ur, Daniel prayed in Babylon, & the exiles were schooled in the law there before their return to rebuild Jerusalem. A Jewish community existed there right up until their return to Israel in 1951. Likewise, there have been Chaldean & Assyrian Christians there since the church was established there in New Testament times. (Thomas & Bartholomew in tradition.)

Like other lands in the Middle East, Iraq has endured numerous invasions, change of empires & governments: Persians, Greeks, Parthians, Arabs, Mongols, Ottomans have all been through the place over the last 2,500 years. Modern Iraq like many of its Middle East neighbors owes it shape to the victors in WW1 where France & Great Britain divided up the spoils of the defeated Ottoman Empire into their respective spheres of influences. All of this was done with little regard to the inhabitants or their needs or aspirations. Thus Iraq with three main people groups – Shia, Sunni & Kurd, each containing multiple tribal groupings found themselves within the same border along with significant communities of Chaldean Christians.


 have prayed.

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