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Happy Memorial Day!

memorial day

Blessings to YOU!

We at Prayercentral wish you a happy, safe, blessed and refreshing Memorial Day weekend. We remember all of you who have lost a loved one as they have served our country, and we say, “THANK YOU!”

I’m very excited to share a powerful song with you, titled, “Thank You For Being Faithful.” It was written by a new friend of mine who has partnered with all of us via the Baghdad Prayer Patrol. You can read Betsy Brown’s testimony below, and BE SURE you take a minute to be blessed by the amazing song the Lord inspired her to write.

If your family has served in the military, and if you are serving in the military currently, THIS SONG IS FOR YOU!!!

In His Love and mine,
Kathleen Dillard

Have a listen to Betsy’s song:
Thank You For Being Faithful

“I first began to minister to the U.S. Military in 1981 because my cousin was active duty in Germany and invited me to come over and sing for the military families involved in the Chapel. Through the years I continued to minister to the U.S. military family through the invitation of the chaplains. I was actually in Heidelberg, Germany, when Iraqi Freedom began in March of 2003. Then I went to Landstuhl Regional Hospital where all of the wounded warriors were taken after leaving the battlefield. I received permission to work through the chaplain’s office and I walked the halls visiting and praying with the wounded. Even though I had sung for the spouses of active duty military for years, it was quite different knowing the very soldiers I saw on the news after certain big battles. I decided I needed to get to Iraq to tell them thank you.


By May 2003, my friends who had a humanitarian organization had returned to Dohuk, which is one hour north of Mosul in Iraq. I traveled there in August of 2003 and one afternoon wrote a song for the soldiers. I learned that they had just been notified that their assignments would last a year instead of 6 months. It was at least 130 degrees and they were still living in tents. Any VIP’s were only going as far as Baghdad to visit so nobody had told these brave ones “thank you.” I wrote, “Thank You For Being Faithful” for that very purpose.

I tried it out on some soldiers that came to a hotel in Dohuk for R & R and they cried and said, “Ma’am, you just nailed us.” During that visit I made contact with the Division Chaplain of the 101st Airborne and he ultimately invited me to return for Christmas, and I did. By then I was able to record the song and I handed those CD’s out only after I looked into their eyes and sang it straight to their hearts. I know of no higher privilege than to stand on the battlefield and sing into their brave, but weary hearts!”


To contact Betsy for ministry events you can reach her at:

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