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Happy Easter to YOU!

It’s Easter week a time to remember the reality of Christ’s resurrection. Just as I’m dragging my suitcase out the door on another international outreach, I wish you a very happy Easter!

As I labor among people of different religions, let me tell you that Jesus IS the Light of the world. There is no one or nothing like Him, anywhere!

I wanted to bless you by bringing back the prayer which Wayne wrote for you just a few hours before his graduation to heaven.

At that point we were busy moving into our home here in the U.S., and I begged (ok, maybe nagged) Wayne to take a break and write something for you. And I’m glad he did.

So, here is Wayne’s brief note and prayer for you. Also, I’ve prayed the blessing prayer over you in an audio. May the Lord’s presence pour over you.

Expect the Lord to meet you this week.
He has fresh acts of daring faith lined up for you ~ listen.

In His love and mine,

Kathleen Dillard

Wayne Dillard’s Resurrection Prayer
I was thinking about Christ this morning, and His resurrection. How He ascended and is now seated at the right hand of the Father. And how He is now represented on earth through His Body, the collective believers He is gathering together from every tongue and tribe and nation. We are His voice, and hands and feet, and together, as we each move in obedience to the Holy Spirit we represent Him in this dark and fallen world.

What a privilege, what a blessing, to be in this world, but not of it. To be a reflection of hope to those in despair. To be the ones who call out into this cave of darkness, “over here, over here, we found the way out!” We have been rescued by the death and resurrection of Christ, and we now have the privilege of bring that ‘Good News’ to others.

Kathleen Praying Wayne’s Prayer Over YOU!

HI! I’d like to invite you to jump in and join me in my field work overseas. Get your faith fired up through lots of exciting stories of how God is moving on the harvests’ edge.

Send your snail mail address to:

As a THANK YOU ~ YOU get a free copy of: “Draw Near” a powerful prophetic devotional booklet to charge up your walk! This is my gift to you for your partnership!

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