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Guess who said this?: “God always makes a way for a praying man.”

Last week I got to hear David Wilkerson speak. He’s the founder of Teen Challenge, the Times Square Church in N.Y. and continues to be a respected prophetic voice around the world. At 79 years old, his heart still blazes with scorching passion for God.

Hearing Wilkerson speak was a full circle moment, since he used to be our neighbor in East Texas when Wayne and I were in leadership at Last Days Ministries.

Would you like to know what he said? Here are a few heart strengthening excerpts for you:

“I am the 8th generation of preachers, that dates all the way back to the Civil War. My father taught me to pray. He said, ‘David, Elijah had 24 hours a day, just like you, and he prayed. So you find a way to pray.’ And then he would add, “God always makes a way for a praying man’ ” (read James 5:17).

-Wilkerson shared, “I got tired of being at a Pentecostal church and not seeing anything happen. No souls getting saved. I began to seek God’s face. And there were many times when I would finish praying and God’s invisible hand would not let me get up off the floor from prayer even when I tried.”

-Wilkerson said, “All true ministry comes out of intimacy with God.”

May the Lord stir you in a deep way to lay hold of Him in prayer!

If you need a little fuel for the fire, here are some great articles by historical men and women of God who impacted the outcome of things on their knees first and then on their feet:

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Standing with you before His throne!

Kathleen Dillard