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Greetings From India!

Sending you a warm ‘Nameste’ from Delhi, where I’ll just be landing. This trip is full of unique opportunities. Can I count on you for some prayer backing? Among other things the Lord has opened a special door for me to meet with a leader of extreme influence. This man is the father of one of my dear colleagues in India and we will be traveling out to his castle. Thank you for asking the Lord for His divine Presence.

In this note you will find that I sent YOU a “Pray-it-Say-it” card. That means that I prayed for YOU and then sent you a card to encourage you today.

Take a second and look at the card I sent you below. Isn’t it cool?

The “Pray-it-Say-it” feature is a prayer tool Wayne designed to help you bless others. It only takes about 3 minutes to do the whole thing (ok maybe longer if you take extra time designing your prayer card), and though it’s simple, it’s also powerful.

You can bless someone now at:

I really appreciate your partnership in His kingdom.
Sending you blessings & hugs from India!
Kathleen Dillard

My friends,

I prayed for you and sent you a Pray-it Say-it card from

To see your card,




You may also be blessed by our free weekly devotional WOW! Word of the Week

God bless!

Kathleen Dillard
and the Prayercentral Team

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