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God’s Promises: Your Ammunition in the Good Fight of Faith!

Hi! May this note find you encircled by God’s peace. Don’t you love His promise that tells us to be anxious for nothing but instead pray & Christ’s peace will guard your heart & mind? (Phil.4:6-7) Amazing.

Can you & I embrace this promise? You know, the whole issue of taking up God’s promises has jumped front and center recently.

Smith Wigglesworth said, “Enter into the promises of God. It is your inheritance.” You & I both face our ‘good fight of faith,’ so let’s be diligent to identify the promises that we are taking with us into that fight. Will you do it? His promises are our ammunition!

Meanwhile, remember to pray for Syria. The Middle East continues to be in a rumble and your prayers sandwich in God’s grace and life-giving solutions like nothing else!

Standing with you, before Him~
Kathleen Dillard

P.S. I just wanted to give you a heads-up that I’ll be writing to you about a special year-end opportunity to partner with me. God is breaking out all over the world & I want you to share, as the Lord leads, in all that He is doing. Be watching for that, and thanks so much for your partnership!

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