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God is With YOU

Camel riding, Thar Desert

Blessings to YOU~
I hope your new year is going well! Remember that He is Immanuel which means, “God with us.”

Take a moment to breath in that reality, God is WITH YOU. And let’s carry the banner of that truth with us throughout 2015, amen?

I wanted to touch base with you about three things.

  • The situation in the Middle East.
  • A prophetic thought I got for you.
  • A cool article on activating your dream time with God.

This week, we posted a 911 Prayer Focus about the status in the Middle East and the importance of your prayers. The truth is your prayers dispatch God’s Presence. When you pray, something happens, every time. Keep praying!

If you have not signed up for 911, why not do that NOW.

Just as I was writing this to you this morning, the Lord suddenly spoke something to my heart for you. Some of you are looking for lasting change in your life but you’ve hit a wall in your walk with God. The Lord reminded me, to remind you, that transformation comes as you let your mind be renewed. Let God give you a new script for some of your self dialogue. Learn to think on the things that are, ‘true, honorable, right, pure, lovely…’ (see Phil.4:8.)

Take time in His word, protect your mind from unclean input and just put the good stuff in. There are many Christian books on mind renewal, so you might want to go ahead and google that and take a look at some of them (see Rom.12:2.)

Last week I wrote an article on, “Dreams.” It’s short, and it’s about you tapping into God’s presence to get some supernatural dreams. Take a minute to read it. And then take a minute to get started. Dream.

Your DREAM Life – Teaming up with God

In His Love and Mine,


Kathleen Dillard

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