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Fear Not – Because You Don’t Have To


“…the LORD make his face shine on you and be gracious to you.” -Numbers 6

Did you know that the Bible tells us to ‘fear not’ over one hundred times? If you told yourself, “fear not,” every 3 1/2 days for the whole year, you would get through all the verses on fear in the bible.

The reason we can be free from fear is because we’re constantly tucked under His care. He knows how many times you will stand up and sit down today. He loves you, and He means it. The problem with fear is that it blocks out love. Not that the love itself is stopped, but our ability to receive it gets affected.

What happens when you give in to fear and get anxious or stressed? Your energy goes. Your focus drifts to the hundred possible solutions. Your heart races. Your joy slips away.

I’m taking a moment today to remind you: do not fear.

Advertising constantly whispers in our ears: be alarmed. It reminds us to worry about our life insurance, our health insurance, and whether our funeral expenses are covered. If you haven’t noticed it already, step back and listen. Advertisers know that fear works. So, they scare you to think about something you might need to spend your money on.

Tom Sawyer once wrote, “I’ve seen many troubles in my lifetime but most of them never happened.”

In addition to advertising are the doomsday prophets. Even if they are right and the end is near, do you think fear is the most helpful stance to take in the face of sudden hardships?

What if we instead maintained an unbroken focus UPWARD, keeping our faces pointed in His direction. Perhaps this would be a more strategic posture to commit to in these changing times.

In His Love and Mine,


Kathleen Dillard

P.S. Have you read through my “Draw Near” devotional yet? This booklet is soaked in prayer and is sure to drop some fresh rain into your life.


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