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Extending the Circle of Gratitude

Right now I’m in the air and flying home for Thanksgiving. Thank you for your prayers! I can’t wait to share more about the trip with you next week.

If you don’t mind I want to share a story about when I first met Wayne. He is from the South and I am from the West (L.A.) so you could almost call it a cross-cultural marriage.

Anyway, I remember our prayer times together and how much Wayne would thank God. Ok, all the time, for everything. This annoyed me. After awhile I wondered why it annoyed me so much.

You know, sometimes when you ask the question you get surprised by the answer. The Lord revealed to me, “Wayne’s gratitude annoys you because you are not grateful enough.”

As I got into God’s Word on this issue, I dug up some amazing verses, like:

“…give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” 1 Thessalonians 5:18

Over the years we started the “Circle of Gratitude” with our family, where we would go around listing 5 things we were grateful for (could be as spiritual as ‘God’s love’ or basic as ‘a hot fudge sundaes’). I can’t tell you the therapy, the bonding, and the renewed outlook that came our way by doing this simple thing together.

If you have never done this with your family, your loved one, or your circle of friends, go ahead and give it a try. Our Thanksgiving holiday gives you a reason to step in that direction.

For those of you in the U.S., our Prayercentral team wants to wish you a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. Let’s remember to thank God for our country.

Take a sec to listen to Ray Charles sing “America the Beautiful”…wow!


In His love and mine,
Kathleen Dillard

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