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Do what you can do.

a couple days ago I had lunch with two women who have been following Baghdad Prayer Patrol for 7 years. Wow. They told me about how they promoted the prayer patrol in their large church (again & again) and also how they had prayed for us.

You will never know how grateful I am to you and to them for running things forward through your prayers. On the personal front, your prayers continue to release the presence of an invisible hand that feels like it’s holding us up. It’s real.

On the battle fields of Iraq and Afghanistan, when you and I jump into prayer, and PUSH : Pray-Until-Somthing-Happens, God’s strong support is manifested there too.

You’ve probably noticed the same news reports that I did the last few days:

“FIREFIGHT: Marines Caught in Vicious Battle With Taliban”

“Homicide Bombers Kill at Least 48 in Attacks on Anti-Al-Qaeda Militia in Iraq”

Now is the time to: DO WHAT YOU CAN DO. I can’t escape this stirring that somehow we need to increase the prayer push. Can you feel it too?

YOU can promote prayer yourself for the patrols, take a second to find out how at:

Prayer is strategic.
Now is the time!

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