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Burning Bright in Dim Times

How are you doing? This is a place where we can link our hearts and arms in prayer before His throne of grace.

Today I got to have lunch with some dear family friends and long-time supporters.

Pierce W. is a banker and as you might imagine we had a few minutes to talk about the economy. He shared, “I’m not seeing an upturn in the economy and am beginning to wonder if the Lord might be disciplining us.” I asked Pierce at the end of lunch, “So, what do you see as the answer?” And he said two things:

#1. “We need to begin to live within our means, which doesn’t seem like something anyone wants to do.”

#2. “We need to have an awakening in the church. Short of that I can’t see a turn around.”

SO, in light of that I wanted to mention two opportunities for you in the throne room:

in-light-of-eternityAlso, you might like to hear a radio interview with Mac Tomlinson, the man who wrote a book about the famed Leonard Ravenhill. Leonard was called to America from U.K. as a revivalist. He had a deep impact on both Wayne and I. His ministry and fiery prayer life were both about an awakening in America. It would be worth your time to read this book and catch God’s fire (Have a listen HERE.)

Leonard used to say, “Jesus did not come into the world to make bad men good. He came into the world to make dead men live!”

May you burn bright for Him!
Kathleen Dillard

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