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Bend Us, Send Us, Wake Us UP!

Sending you a warm hug from Palm Springs. I’m here promoting the High Places Prayer Patrol among believers. There’s something so powerful that happens when believers cry out to the Lord of the harvest to move among the unreached.

Our hearts and prayers go out to the victims of super storm Sandy – Pray for them now at today’s 911 Prayer Focus! As America moves towards elections, remember that we are honoring the life of Leonard Ravenhill this month. His investment in the U.S. was heavy, so I’d like to share a story from his powerful article, “We Wrestle Not” with you today:

An LDM illustration titled “The Watchman.” Click image for more info.

Napoleon Bonaparte made a lonely surprise visit  one night to the outpost sentries on one of the vital positions of his battlefield. Stealthily he moved along in the gray light of the morning. One sentry after another immediately challenged him. Finally, the crafty warrior stole up to a strategic spot. There was no sentry to challenge him. The wily Napoleon moved closer and saw a pair of boots protruding from under a shock of corn and a rifle propped beside them. He made no comment – just picked up the rifle and himself stood guard, waiting for the awakening of the snoozing soldier. Finally the corn stirred, and up jumped the guilty defender and grabbed for the gun that was gone. Can you imagine his confusion and chagrin? What a bitter and shattering experience – caught napping by Napoleon! When the Lord of glory returns, will He find us Christians sleeping at our post of duty? John the Apostle warns that we be not ashamed before Him at His coming.

Let’s be found awake and in prayer for the people affected the Sandy disaster. Also, let’s keep praying for America as we approach Election Day.

Let’s Pray,

Kathleen Dillard

Lord we ask for your will to be done and for your kingdom to come on earth as it is in heaven.  Today we ask for the atmosphere of heaven to invade our very lives. We remember the prayer of revivalist Evan Roberts and say, “Lord, bend us!” We lay ourselves down before you and submit every single thing, every dream and distraction. We ask to be used for your glory in unique ways. We again choose to be grateful for the post where you have stationed us; Just keep us awake!

God, give us eyes to see what you are doing in this hour. May we be watchmen who are fully awake and aware of the battle that we are immersed it. Open our eyes to truly see and love our neighbors the way that you do, unto a great transforming of this nation and culture through the vehicle of love.

As we gear up to cast our votes, solidify us in Your truth and remind us of the eternal lives that will be impacted in so many ways by the effects of our “small” voices. We thank you that voting is even a picture of prayer, but that in the times when we feel small, we actually have the full and loving attention of a Good Heavenly Father who doesn’t miss a thing! In Jesus’ name, amen.

 have prayed.


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