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August, ‘the war’s deadliest month’ in Afghanistan

I’ve carried home for you warm greetings from India and a sweet cup of masala chai. Thank you for your prayers, God’s Presence was strong!

Now, about Afghanistan. Many things are rumbling there and the need for our diligent prayer coverage continues! You probably already know about the 10 Christian medics that were murdered by, reportedly, the Taliban (earlier this month). I have 2 close friends, who were very near to a couple of the medics who were killed. Let’s uphold the grieving families of these dear Kingdom servants.

As for our soldiers, U.S. troop deaths have doubled. They are calling August, ‘the war’s deadliest month’ in Afghanistan. And a wave of aggressive IED’s (improvised explosive device) are being constructed and planted with a new fury. The Ramadan Muslim fasting/feasting month, has ushered in MORE violence.

What can we do?


-You can do that by linking in with Prayercentral’s Afghan Prayer Patrol:

-You can also jump in with millions of believers who are praying for Muslims during their Ramadan festival (Aug.11-Sept.9th):

May the peace of Jesus carry you forward this week and the wisdom of the Lord establish your actions, attitudes and outlook.

In His love and mine,
Kathleen Dillard

P.S.-I’ll be telling a few stories from India in the upcoming ministry report that I mail out. If you’re interested in getting these, send your mailing address (not your email address) to and I’ll be sure you get it.

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