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Are You Under Pressure?

Oh boy, here comes the Holiday mayhem! I’m already finding myself having to stop, catch my breath and assertively remember, “Be still, my soul!”

For me, the chaos actually started just a few weeks ago, when my car was totaled in a crash. Afterwards, I was in prayer asking the Lord what had happened and he showed me a really important reminder. Here is a part of the story, as narrated from a recent Word of the Week:

“I was saying, ‘Wow, Lord, it would be really nice if you would just speak to me.’ And suddenly I heard his still small voice, and He said, ‘I already have. In the world you shall have tribulation.’ So I looked up the Greek word for tribulation and it means persecution, affliction and distress…tribulation especially is about internal pressure that causes someone to feel confined or without options.

The good news is, Jesus already told us, ‘Sometimes we’re gonna feel bad in this world, but take courage for I have overcome the world.’ I bless you now – if you’re in a place of constriction, affliction and persecution, may you feel the light of His face on your face and the breath of his spirit breathing within your spirit – a CPR breath of resurrection power.”

(The rest of the story can be heard in the audio version below.)

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May you receive His breath now, and hear His still small voice, and remember that He takes great pleasure in you.

In His Name,


Kathleen & the Prayercentral Team

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