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Hello! Yesterday I read a powerful story from Billy Graham’s book, “Angels: God’s Secret Agents.” Immediately I thought about you. You will be inspired, especially when it comes to praying for our military.

“In the early days of World War II, Britain’s air force saved it from invasion and defeat.
In a celebration held months after the war…the Air Chief Marshall Lord Hugh Dowding…recounted the story of his legendary conflict where his pitifully small complement of men rarely slept, and their planes never stopped flying. He told about airmen on a mission who, having been hit, were either incapacitated or dead. Yet their planes kept flying and fighting; in fact, on occasion pilots in other planes would see a figure still operating the controls. What was the explanation? The Air Chief Marshall said he believed angels had actually flown some of the planes whose pilots sat dead in their cockpits.”

The battles in Iraq and Afghanistan have different dynamics but the need for angels are still the same. Your prayers do enlist God’s help and His helpers from heaven.

Can you and I step on the gas pedal in prayer?

Blessings, peace, and wisdom POURED upon you!

In His love and mine,
Kathleen Dillard

P.S.- are you signed up on the Afghan prayer patrol? If not, you can do it now:

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