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You, the red latte & show time~

From Kathleen's DeskI just walked in from shovelling snow off our driveway in the Rocky Mountains. The Lord sure has a sense of humor. I’m a California girl, shovelling Snow is not something I’m familiar with. Life can throw you some curve balls. The unplanned and unpredictable comes and then you have to regroup. It’s regroup time here at Prayercentral. I’ve been asking the Lord what that looks like going forward, ever since Wayne graduated to heaven.

The world has become an altogether unpredictable place, refugees are pouring across borders, shootings and tragedy, empty seats at family tables, unsettledness all around – it’s all happening this Christmas. It’s not a business as usual time. So, the time for bearing my heart with you dear friends has come.

Prayercentral was Wayne’s brainchild. To rally prayer for this nation and its role in the nations. My vision was to carry the gospel to the farthest corners of the earth. I realize now these were flips sides of a coin that Wayne and I shared. Pouring prayer into nations is our mission. We now have a strong group of 10,000 plus site subscribers who genuinely benefit from the work both here and abroad. (See chart;.)

Donations Progress

Wayne and I always believed that if we served you well, that your giving would both cover the costs of Prayercentral and result in an overflow that would impact the nations.

This year I feel the need more than ever for America and for the nations. This is a ‘watchman on the wall’ season, all hands on deck!  I’m willing to mobilize greater resources. So I did some number crunching as one of my key donors had to bow out for personal reasons. And The truth is, I am not able keep up with the demands of Prayercentral and everything else without your generosity.

I work  in hard regions overseas, fighting spiritually for gospel breakthroughs among unreached people groups.

So here’s the bottom line. I need you to help me carry the mandate. I believe that it’s not yet time to throw in the towel without a push.

So no gimmicks, no manipulation, just the bare truth. For the price of a delicious red cup latte ,  if you would like to see me continue growing this vital ministry, I’m requesting you to go to the website and rock this 50k challenge. It’s showtime!

If Prayercentral has blessed you, helped you, equipped you then I need your help to keep us online.

We have sown much spiritual seed together and it’s time for harvest! I am expecting a bumper crop! Put your sickle in. This is your inheritance too!

If everyone who got this gave $5 right now, this Christmas appeal would have achieved mission. Your gift will have exponential growth in the Kingdom.

Thank you so much for your prayerful contribution.

That He may receive the full reward of his suffering.

Kathleen Dillard

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Wayne, Kathleen, and MelodyHi! This is Melody Green, wife of the late Keith Green and President of Last Days Ministries. I am writing you today to share my thoughts about Kathleen Dillard. She is a dear friend and has been a ministry partner of mine since 1978 when she joined our Christian community in Woodlands Hills, California.

Both she and her late husband, Wayne Dillard, worked with Keith and I and helped us pioneer the ministry from Los Angeles to east Texas.

You may know Kathleen from her ministry updates, or from Prayercentral or you may have heard her speak somewhere. I have had a chance to watch her from the starting line when she first launched into intercession and her prophetic ministry. I have seen her impact in our Christian community at Last Days and benefited personally from the anointing on her life. There have been moments when I felt I wouldn’t have made it through some rough spots in my life without her prophetic input.

I call her one of “my heroes” in the faith. She has impacted thousands of lives in America and also in Southeast Asia. Her life, choices, and priorities embody the “no compromise” message that Keith and I brought forth.

Kathleen and MelodyAs Kathleen is doing her year-end fundraising, I am asking you to pray and consider joining her as a monthly supporter. She is giving you an opportunity to invest in pioneering among regions where the gospel hasn’t reached. Doors are opening, but she needs your help. I would like to see her financial burdens shared by more believers so she can push forward in the work without financial strain.

Kathleen has my vote. I support her monthly and serve on her Prayercentral board and consider it a privilege. You have to same opportunity, so I’m asking you to give. Her ministry needs some serious thought and prayer.

Thank you so much for your time,
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Melody Green

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