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A Look Back – Fueling the Fires of Prayer in 2014


“Prayer is not preparation for the battle; it is the battle!” -Leonard Ravenhill

You and I have covered a lot of ground in 2014. I even had the privilege of meeting some of you this year as I did ministry in America.

You have been a great blessing to me and it’s my joy to serve you at Prayercentral. In fact, America uses the website more than any other country. It’s been a strong year of impact at Prayercentral with over 418,500 page views.

One of the things I did this year was pass the prayer baton of Leonard Ravenhill. (He was my “spiritual grandfather” in intercession, and he personally mentored me and my late husband Wayne.) One of Ravenhill’s life goals was to see a spiritual awakening take place in the U.S. When his race ended in 1994, he said, “The awakening that I gave my life for in America never happened in my lifetime.”

Preaching in Greensboro, N.C.

To help spread the message of Ravenhill, one of our Prayercentral staff, Alyssa, designed a lovely tribute capturing his message.

You can go see it, as I’m posting it here for you for the first time (you will need to manually click through it, so you can view it at your own speed):

The presentation may not work with some mobile browsers. You can also view it HERE.

In every location I went to, believers rushed to the altar to embrace a fresh anointing to intercede for America. You can check out what one of the pastors said on the West Coast:

“I am a pastor at Encinitas Beach Chapel in Encinitas, CA. We had the honor of recently hosting Kathleen at our Signs of the Spirit mid-week service. She encouraged everyone in attendance with accurate prophetic words and a loving challenge to be completely surrendered to Christ. That night she stayed ministering in compassion to all selflessly and gave tirelessly of herself.  Absolutely everyone that wanted prayer received it! The anointing she carries is very significant for/in the kingdom. We recommend that you host her too! In Christ, Pastor Jim Heidrick.”

I will continue to release the prayer baton of Ravenhill in America in 2015. Our nation needs a deeper encounter with God, amen?


Doing a T.V. interview about Leonard Ravenhill with host Larry Patton and Pastor Jody Bullard (Greensboro, North Carolina.)

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In His Love and Mine,


Kathleen Dillard

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