Kathleen DillardYou are at the page where I talk about how the money works. You probably know we make our services available to you at whatever you can afford.

Keith GreenWe provide: Fetch a Prayer, and Word of the Week; supply prayer booklets; sponsor Prayercentral, PrayitSayit cards, Baghdad Prayer Patrol and Afghan Prayer Patrol; this also helps with my outreaches in S. Asia; numerous indigenous missionaries receive support; mentoring of emerging leaders; and ministry in many other ways to God’s people.


My late husband Wayne Dillard, and founder of Prayercentral, always liked to tell our background story, you might enjoy this.

“Do you remember Feb. 1979? I do, it was a time I’ll never forget. Keith Green, who was one of the top Christian artist at the time, was about to drop a bombshell on the Christian music industry.

He came to me and said, “God wants me to offer my albums and all of our ministry materials for free! What do you think?” My immediate response was, “Let’s go for it!” Now that was easy for me to say, cause I didn’t have to mortgage my house to buy the albums that we would give away. But God honored that “Whatever you could afford” policy, and for many years we were blessed to be a bridge between those who could afford it , and those who could not.

We are in that same blessed place today. Some people just can’t afford to support Prayercentral monthly, but because of those who can, we are able to bless thousands of others. Another voice I’ll never forget, is Sofia. She is a Christian leader working among the Muslims in Hyderabad, India. Sofia spoke to me almost in tears saying, “Please tell your people back in America ‘Thank You!’ for sending the Dillards here.” Her gratitude was so sincere and so deep, it brought tears to my eyes. I can still see her face.”


Sometimes it IS the thought that counts but not when it comes to money. We’ve talked to many people who have said, “I’ve been meaning to send you some support, but I just haven’t done it.” Maybe you are one of those people, or maybe you just haven’t thought about it before.

Would you take a minute right now and ask God if this is the time for you to step out and become a monthly supporter of Prayercentral?

God can multiply even a small gift, remember the fish and the loaves. He just needs something to start with.

You can Give Online, or send in “whatever you can afford”, so we can continue to bless those who can’t afford it. • PO Box 64323 • Virginia Beach, VA 23467

If you are one of those who can’t afford to help, that’s fine, we are here for you, and we are blessed to be able to serve you.

Thank YOU so much for teaming up with us!

Together we are impacting the world.

Kathleen Dillard
on behalf of the Prayercentral Team

P.S. -God can multiply even a small gift, remember the fish and the loaves. He just needs something to start with.

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