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The Cross of Prayer

jesus_cross_crucifixionThis pattern of prayer is based on the blood of Christ. His blood flowed from five wounds as He hung on the cross. Because of His blood we can move in His authority, wisdom, provision, justice, and victory.

The wounds on His head represent His authority.
-Proclaim Christ as the head over all.

SideCompassion and Wisdom
The wound in His side represents His heart of compassion and wisdom.
– Ask God for His heart for the situation and for His wisdom on how to pray.

Left HandProvision
The wound on His left hand represents His provision.
– Ask God for the blessing and provision to satisfy the need.

Right HandResistance
The wound on His right hand represents His resistance to evil.
– Ask God to judge and resist those things that hold back His blessings.

The wounds on His feet represent His victory over Satan.
– Proclaim the victory of Christ and declare the works of the devil as crushed under the feet of Jesus.