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Praying for Pastors

cross-storm-17-10-26Did you know, Pastors need prayer too?
Here you will find several tools and resources to help you stand on the wall in prayer for your Pastor and the Pastors in your community.

“You sometimes get the pastor you pray for,
if you’re not praying much,
you don’t get much.” -wd

Pray for your Pastor today,
using this widget:

Pastor’s Prayer Card

Use this prayer card as a daily reminder to pray for your Pastor. Great for a church bulletin insert or Bible companion card. Pastor’s Prayer Shield

Leave a Prayer for Your Pastor, or agree with others below…

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  1. M.p.k
    February 17th, 2014 | #1

    I pray strength confidence and courage for my pastor to continue to walk in the call which He has been called by God to fulfill .I pray that God will raise up a team of intercessors who will be faithful to pray on a daily basis.

  2. winifred G Gorgboyee
    February 13th, 2014 | #2

    Urgent prayer for my Pastor (husband) for God’s intervention to provide a source of income since the pastoral here is more of a voluntary service. How can he also get a mentor or partner?

  3. Pamela
    September 22nd, 2013 | #3

    I pray for the financial needs of my Pastor to be met

  4. Rev. Juanita
    February 19th, 2013 | #4

    I pray for my Pastor Dr. Robert E. Fowler Sr. that he will continue to lead with authority, conviction and connection. I pray that God will enlarge his territory beyond the walls of the local community and into the national and international communities. I pray that God will keep him from dangers seen and unseen and I pray that he will stay committed to the great call that is before him.

  5. Terry
    December 17th, 2012 | #5

    I pray that my Pastor will stand confident in the strength of God’s ability in him and on him to do the work of the Ministry in the Spirit of Excellence. I pray that the spirit, hand and wisdom of God walks with him and enlightens him. I pray the Mighty Anointing and fire of the Holy Ghost engulfs him and carrys him to a place of knowing. I pray that nothing comes upon him unawares and that the angels of the Lord are encamped round about him to protect him in all his ways. I pray for divine appointments, phone calls, opportunities, strategic timing, plans within plans, arrangements to come forth and materialize in the NOW on his behalf. Thank you for supernatural resources. Thank you for ordering his steps, guiding his feet. Every place his feet shall touch, give it to him for an inheritance. Bless his coming in and his going out from this time forth in Jesus’ name, AMEN!