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Praying for Missionaries

cross-mountainMissionaries can’t do it alone.
They need your prayers.

Here you will find several tools and resources to help you stand on the wall in prayer for a Missionary you know, or Missionaries from your church.

“If you aren’t called to be a missionary,
you should at least be praying for one.” -wd

“This Christmas Season, we at Prayercentral, are asking all of our friends to join us in taking time to remember your missionaries.

Do this as individuals, families and with friends and churches, by watching the Missionary Christmas video and downloading the poem.

Let this serve as a reminder to not only pray for them, but to send them a little note or gift, reminding them that they are not alone during this season.”

Missionary Christmas Poem

Remember a missionary this Christmas

(PDF Version Download) [1]

Pray for Your Missionary

Pray for your Missionary today, using this widget:
If you don’t have a missionary, then pray for us, Wayne & Kathleen.

Missionary Prayer Card

Use this prayer card as a daily reminder to pray for your Missionary. Great for a church bulletin insert or Bible companion card. Missionary’s Prayer Shield [2]

Leave a Prayer for Your Missionary below…