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Fields of Harvest

Your Circles of Relationship

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As Christians, we are here on this earth to spread the Good News of Jesus, because we know that it is God’s heart that none should perish. He has chosen to work through us, (His people) to be His ambassadors.

We have all been placed into certain circles of relationships so that we can be the light of God’s love and truth to those we know. The people you see at work, in the market, in your neighborhood, are all people God wants to
touch with His love and His mercy.

It is no accident that you are there, in their midst. He needs you to be His witness; to show them His love, tell them His truth, and touch them in Jesus name through prayer.


Your assignment:

1- List 1 person in each circle of relationship that needs to know Jesus.
2- Begin to pray each day for each person asking God to bless them, and binding the forces of darkness that hinder them from coming to Christ.
3- Look for opportunities to serve them, and show them the love of Christ.
4- When God opens the door, share the truth of His love for them and His salvation.

These are your fields of harvest, pray hard and work hard that you might have a good crop.

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