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Camp Leatherneck

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U.S. Marines with 1st Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment relax at Camp Leatherneck, AfghanistanCamp Leatherneck is a 443-acre, United States Marine Corps base located in the Helmand Province. It is currently home to the 2nd Marine Expeditionary Brigade, now referred to as MEB-Afghanistan, (nickname: Task Force Leatherneck). Located in the middle of the desert next to Camp Bastion, Camp Leatherneck is divided into four areas and is still undergoing construction as troop levels continue to rise in support of NATO’s, International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan.

FOB Salerno

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Forward Operating Base Salerno, situated north of Khost City, is a main Coalition hub for operations in southeastern Afghanistan. Photo courtesy of Lieutenant Colonel James Megellas.  Read more: Salerno (also known as Firebase Salerno) is a forward operating base of the U.S. military in south eastern province of Khowst, near the city of Khost in Afghanistan about 15 kilometers from the Pakistan border.

The facility was occupied by the 3rd Battalion, 509th Parachute Infantry Regiment, and was named for the beachhead in Salerno that the 509th parachuted onto on September 14, 1943 (Operation Avalanche). It has been nicknamed “Rocket City” due to the large amounts of incoming rocket and mortar fire in previous years.

It is the main Coalition hub for operations in southeastern Afghanistan.

Kandahar Airbase

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kandaharKandahar Airfield has been occupied and maintained by the U.S. military since 2001 when the Marines landed and took over control of the airport. Since 2006 the airfield has been maintained by the Canadian Forces, but there are also other NATO forces present.

Although a prominent base for the US and Canadian Forces, many other Armed Forces are based there. British Forces use Kandahar as their main staging post for the South and fly direct into the Helmand province. Fast jets and combat helicopters are also deployed here as this is the main airport in the troubled south-east of the country.

As of 2007, Kandahar Airport has been rebuilt and is used for both military and civilian flights. It is sometimes difficult to locate the airport from the sky during day-time because of lack of contrast with the ground and the usual dust or haze in the area. But during night time the runway is well lit up and can easily be spotted.

Camp Bastion

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camp-bastionCamp Bastion is the main British military base in Afghanistan. It is situated northwest of Lashkar Gah, the capital of Helmand Province. It is the largest British overseas military camp built since World War II.

Built in early 2006, the camp is situated in a remote desert area, far from population centers. Four miles long by two miles wide, it has an airstrip and a field hospital and full accommodation for the 2000 men stationed there.

The base is divided into 2 main parts, Bastion 1 and Bastion 2. Bastion 2 includes two tenant camps, Camp Barber (US) and Camp Viking (DK). Bastion also adjoins Camp Leatherneck (US) and Camp Tombstone.

camp-bastion2In November 2006, Tony Blair visited Camp Bastion, and, while addressing a gathering of British troops, described it as “an extraordinary piece of desert” “where the fate of world security in the early 21st century is going to be decided.”

A 2,350 meter long and 28 meter wide runway, was built in 2007 that allows C-17s to land.

Kunduz Airfield

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german-soldiersThe Kunduz Airfield is operated by German troops, and located in the Kunduz Province in northern Afghanistan. There are currently 667 German troops stationed at the Kunduz airfield; of which only 340 are combat-ready.

Violence levels in Kunduz have peaked over the past 18 months, and intelligence reports, as well as Afghan government and tribal elder testimony, suggest that as many as 80 al Qaeda-linked militants, including Uzbeks and Chechens, are operating in areas southwest of Kunduz City.

This area was also the site of the recent air strike on fuel tankers that reportedly killed 70 people, including civilians.

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Kamp Holland

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camp-holland-troopsKamp Holland is the Dutch military base (Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT)) on the outskirts of Tarin Kowt, the provincial capital of Uruzgan province in southern Afghanistan. The Dutch are present in Uruzgan as part of NATO’s International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) mission in Afghanistan.

Kamp Holland was a U.S. base (known as Forward Operating Base (FOB Ripley) until ISAF assumed control for Afghanistan’s security in August 2006 and the U.S. turned over the base to the Netherlands.

Approximately 1,100 Dutch and 360 Australian personnel are stationed at Kamp Holland. The staff of Task Force Uruzgan and a Dutch AH-64D Apache detachment are deployed at Kamp Holland as well.

Camp Joyce

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camp-joyceCamp Joyce is an American combat base in the Kunar Providence of Afghanistan near the Pakistan border. The base is named for Marine Lance Corporal Kevin Joyce who was killed here in June, 2005.

Only six Americans operate this facility as Embedded Training Team members. They train and fight with soldiers from the Afghan National Army and their base frequently comes under fire from Taliban forces.

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